Frequently Asked Questions about WISE


How do I know my WISE registration is complete? 
You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Please allow four to five business days for processing.

Can I request the same group/session as a friend?
WISE Amarillo can NOT guarantee the same groups/sessions for participants. Attendees will have an opportunity to see friends during the lunch activity.

Fifth graders are considered middle schoolers in my district. Can they attend WISE?
No, WISE is limited to 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls.

What should I wear to WISE?
Girls should wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, and a black or white long-sleeved shirt. During registration, participants will receive their WISE conference t-shirt to layer over their long-sleeved shirt. For safety, all girls are expected to wear their WISE conference t-shirt for the entire conference.

Can I bring my cell phone to WISE?
Girls may bring their phones to the WISE conference, but are asked to silence and store them upon arrival. Cell phone use during the workshop sessions is prohibited. If a WISE sponsors see a participant using their phone, it will be taken and stored until the end of the conference. To contact your child in the event of an emergency, call (806) 318-8426 to speak with a WISE sponsor. 

Where is drop-off/pick-up?
Drop-off is under the pedestrian bridge on 24th Street. WISE team members will be waiting at the curb to verify registration and payment. Once a WISE member verifies registration, parents can leave without needing to park. Pickup will take place on the east end of Purcells Bldg at Jackson Street between 24th & 25th Streets. There is a parking lot here as well for overflow traffic. Click here for a map.

What if I have a special dietary need?
Breakfast pastry items will be available from 8-8:30 a.m. and Chick-fil-A sandwich boxes will be served for lunch. If this does not meet your dietary needs, please pack a breakfast/lunch to enjoy during meal times. We are unable to accommodate special dietary needs for individual students.

Are scholarships available to attend WISE?
Yes! Call (806) 318-8426 or email for information about WISE scholarships.  

What is the emergency contact number during the WISE conference? 
To contact a participant during the conference, call (806) 318-8426.

I participated last year. Will the sessions be the same?
We make every effort to place past participants in different sessions. We also add new sessions each year.  

I have another event (sports/music competition) to attend that day. Can I come late to WISE?
Yes, you can come late to WISE. If you come after a session has started, you will have to wait until the next session begins. Please have your parent bring you inside for check in.